Master Builders Programs

Master Builder CBO is determined to impact the community of Ngong Gichagi with the following programs. As need changes, we are focused to improve our services to the community and bring out the best for this community.



Master Builders CBO believes that education is the key to life. It’s one of the greatest investments to a child. Gichagi settlement lacks a government-sponsored basic education school for primary and secondary education. The closest school is nearly 3km away. Children lack access to that basic education and if available not affordable and quality compromised. Master builders CBO offers sponsored basic education for children from the Gichagi settlement. Children are able to access primary school education in Master Builders Education Center. There are suitable facilities to offer quality education for children.

The education center is situated within the community thus children able to walk to the school.  The target is the neediest and vulnerable children from the target community. Master Builders CBO partner with other secondary schools to ensure that the neediest and vulnerable children who complete primary school get access to secondary education. College and university education forms the complete cycle that Master Builders CBO aims to achieve.

Vocational Training

The vocational training is also done as part of the skills empowerment to target youths and teenagers who may not be able to go through formal education. Self-employment is critical for economic empowerment. The vocational training is mainly conducted on hairdressing and beauty, dressing making, soap making, baking, and catering among others. The students who undergo the Master Builders Vocational training are able to take care of their families and thus fulfill our mandate of a transformed society.

Psycho-social support

Counseling is critical in any community. Master Builder’s CBO target the Gichagi community for counseling services. There are many underlying factors that cause trauma, stress, and depression among the youth and children and the entire Gichagi community. Counseling facilitators and social workers offer free counseling services to the residents. It’s a necessary therapy that has healed wounds, brought reconciliation, and built bridges.

Life Skills Empowerment

Master Builder’s CBO organizes life skills forums for the pupils and the students where various topical issues affecting the young people in Kenya are handled. Besides this program being implemented in the school, the program is also implemented in the entire Gichagi settlement.  Topical issues such as drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, sexuality, self-esteem among others shall be handled.

Facilitators are pre-trained from the Gichagi community who implement the life skills program in the school on a weekly basis.  In the community, monthly life skills sessions where various youth and children above 9 years participate. Every school holiday life skills empowerment program is undertaken in subsequent weeks targeting various age groups.

Children Care Program

Master Builders CBO under care program offers sponsorship programs for education to orphans and vulnerable children from primary school to the university. The social workers identify such neediest orphans and vulnerable children from the Gichagi community to the care program. Adopt a child program, helps individuals to sponsor a child in the care program.

The feeding program is a mitigation initiative that seeks to ensure that orphans and vulnerable children receive foodstuffs during holiday and monthly support. These are families identified by the social workers who greatly struggle to make the end meet. Adopt a family program is a model that seeks to help individual sponsorship of a child in the care program. Under this program, many families have also benefited from the rehabilitation and construction of suitable houses. Some of these families were living in deplorable structures which are repaired or constructed to meet minimum human standards.