Covid-19 has affected many people across the globe. The mechanisms that have been taken by the various governments to curb the spread of the pandemic have affected the economic ability of many people. As in many parts of Kenya, many families in the Gichagi community are struggling to make ends meet. They are not able to even get food. Many have lost their jobs, others suspended and others on reduced pay. It has been a daring time.

Master Builder’s CBO in partnership with various partners has since provided hope to many families. The feeding program that was initiated in March 2020 has benefited more than 418 families have with a monthly food hamper. These are among families of Master Builder’s Education Centre needy children whose parents have been economically affected by the pandemic. Some of the families that have been supported did not have even food for the given day and had not even taken anything the previous day. It has been smiling after a smile. When we thought that our food hamper was small, many responded by “I now have something for my family for more than a week. This is not small. It’s a generous gift that has been brought by generous people who are concerned about our welfare. We can only pray for more blessings to you and all the friends of Master Builder’s who have given towards this”

The feeding program during this season has been an amazing time to make a difference in Gichagi community.

Families affected by Fire Tragedy

Psycho-social support

10 families were affected by a fire tragedy caused by an electrical fault. Some of the families lost every possession they had. The fire accident started about 10:00 am when the majority of the people were not indoor therefore other than loss of property, there were no fatalities.

Master Builder’s CBO visited the affected families to encourage them. It was a double tragedy for the affected families due to the Covid-19 related impact and thus a moment with them made a difference.  Besides the psychosocial support, the affected families were provided with food hampers. Some even shed tears as they received the gift from Master Builder’s CBO.

Supporting the families affected by the fire tragedy has made a difference in Gichagi community.