Distributed Food among Vulnerable Families in Gichagi Community.

From Master Builder’s CBO, We are very much grateful for the continued support of financial donations, foodstuffs and moral support from all our well-wishers and our donors. The photos displayed here are of people in our area of operation receiving food for the sixth time since the first case of COVID 19 was reported in the country( Kenya) leading to a standstill of every day to day life operations.

Due to the indefinite lockdown, Many of the people here in Gichagi lost their casual jobs forthwith thus affecting many families to starvation and other lack of basic needs. All children being at home for the last six months in our country, a lot of struggle for survival has been noticed and because of this reason many families Gichagi are not able to afford a meal on the table on a daily basis. Settlements that are slums and densely populated like our Gichagi slums Ngong, is experiencing a lot of negative effects of the pandemic and therefore, there has been a need of quick attention to addressing life all round.

Food is a must for anyone to survive. That is; we cannot settle down when our people are suffering. This past weekend of 5th August 2019, through the help of our donors and well-wishers, we were able to feed over 300 families with the most vulnerable children through their mothers, and guardians. We appeal for more support to be able to continue with this noble task.

Thank you very much and may God bless you more and more.